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What is the minimum/maximum time I should burn my candle?

  • At minimum, plan to burn your candle so the wax melts all the way across to avoid “tunneling,” which is where the candle makes a hole down the middle. This could take about 1-2 hours. Avoid burning more than 3-4 hours for 8 oz candles or 2-3 hours for 4 oz candles in order to extend the burning duration of your candle.

How strong are your candles?

  • Typically a 4oz candle will fill a small room such as a bathroom, office or smaller bedroom. Our 8oz candles will fill a living room, kitchen or larger bedroom. As the candle continues to burn, the scent will be stronger. 

What length should I trim my wick to?

  • To extend the life of your candle, please trim the wick to 1/4” before each burn.

How far down can I burn my candle?

  • We recommend leaving 1/4” of wax from the bottom to avoid the glass getting too hot and potentially shattering. Also be sure that when the candle is burning that it is on a heat resistant surface.

Can you tell me more about the fragrances you use?

  • Every fragrance we use is phthalate free (read more about phthalates here). Each fragrance blend we use is safe for use in lotions or soap. All candles, but jasmine, rose & vanilla include essential oils in their ingredients.

What are the tools you use to trim candle wicks or extinguish candles?

  • We both love these wick trimmers that come in fun colors like matte black, check it out here!

  • These candle accessory kits include a snuffer to help avoid a super smokey candle. Check it out in rose gold here!

  • NOTE - the items above are affiliate links so we will make a small amount from any purchases made through them, but we promise only to link to things we personally use and love!

How long will my candle burn?

  • On average, our 4 oz candles burn for 20-25 hours, and our 8 oz candles burn for 40 hours.

Why did you pick soy wax?

  • Soy wax is derived from soybean oil and our soy wax is created from soy grown here in America. We liked the idea of using a renewable resource that was grown here to support jobs. We were interested in coconut wax, but it is very expensive and we learned a lot of coconut waxes also include soy. When researching paraffin, we learned this came from petroleum products, so no thanks to that! We also opted out of beeswax since it is not vegan.

Why does my candle have a white frosting or appears to have indents after burning?

  • This is a natural property of 100% soy wax. It will not have any impact on how your candle burns.

Why did my candle turn yellow?

  • Avoid storing your candles in direct sunlight as it can discolor the wax. The discoloration will have no impact on how the candle burns.

If I want to reuse my jar, how can I do that?

  • Heat oven to 200F, remove both labels, place jar upside down, and heat in the oven on a lined cookie sheet. When the wax melts, wipe the jar out with a paper towel. Do not pour the melted wax down your drain!

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

  • If you haven’t burned your candle, we are happy to issue an exchange for another scent, but return shipping is the buyer’s responsibility. Please email us at sayhello@esperersisters.com to get started. Once we receive the original candle, we will ship your replacement candle.
  • If your candle is broken in shipment, please reach out to us at sayhello@esperersisters.com and we will ensure you get a replacement.
  • If the candle has already been burned, there are no refunds or exchanges since we are a small business. We recommend offering the candle to someone you know!
Are there any special shipping considerations?
  • If you live in a hot climate, we ask that you plan to be available at your home for your candle delivery or ship to your office to avoid the candle melting while sitting outside.
How long does shipping take?
  • Currently, shipping takes roughly 3 to 5 days once your order is processed. Our current processing times are 1-2 days. Please reach out if you need an expedited order.

What is your site using to process payments?

  • All payments are processed securely from our squarespace site using stripe. Stripe processes billions of dollars of payments each year.