8 oz candles

8 oz candles


Fragranced with luxe scents and packaged in a beautiful custom box.

Approximately 40 hours of burn time.

Each purchase donates $2 to NAMI which is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental health.

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  • Scents:

  • cedar & neroli - rich and woody with notes of spicy orange tree

  • chamomile & sage - warm and earthy with herbal notes

  • earth, floral & musk - a delicate blend of florals, earthy notes, sensual musk and subtle citrus fragrances

  • jasmine, rose & vanilla - soothing jasmine, rose, soft vanilla with subtle notes of balsam (pine), and orange

  • lavender & mint - calming lavender and revitalizing mint (NOTE - lavender & mint will be slightly off-white due to the fragranced used)

  • warm sandalwood - earthy Hawaiian sandalwood